Friday, September 26, 2014

Doctor Who: Season 8, Ep 2 - 4

There's some sort of quote about the best laid plans of mice and men... Well, apparently I operate more on the theory that whatever CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong. And that involved not one, but TWO 4-day hospital stays for my husband, The Man Of The House (affectionately known here as TMOTH.) So, I haven't had a chance to do a review of the three most recent Doctor Who episodes, although I did take a bit of time to watch all of them.

So today, I'll do a recap of my thoughts as best as I can, and hopefully reboot and have a new review for the one airing tomorrow.

Peter Capaldi. I really feel like he's oozing into the role as the Doctor quite nicely. I still see a few remnants of Matt Smith's doctor, but he's really making the character his own. If anyone has any doubts about this, go watch (or re-watch) Listen. I've seen many of my friends proclaim this episode as the best in years, and I definitely agree. It's probably the best episode since Blink, and definitely the scariest.

For the storyline, I'm curious what the writers are going to do with Missy, but I'm also curious about one of the scenes in Listen where  Clara happens into the barn of a young Doctor before he WAS the Doctor. Are the writers going to expound on this at some point? It makes sense that Clara, the Impossible Girl herself, would show up at points like this in the Doctor's timeline, so maybe we'll be seeing more of this in future episodes. It would be interesting to see more of a young Doctor...but maybe this is also a one-time tease. Steven Moffatt is good at that.

Clara and Danny Pink. I like where this relationship is going so far, and am excited to see the Doctor interact with Danny...and just what Clara will do. She's always been a feisty character, but I think it's gotten a bit more so with age, a change in her job, and with the new Doctor. Adding in perhaps a bit of jealousy on the Doctor's part where Danny is concerned will probably prove to be an interesting dynamic, and I'm looking forward to it. 


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