Monday, November 28, 2011

Scared Silly

Ever get so focused on something, the whole world is just white noise?

Yeah, this happened to me in the last week.

Lesson: you should not get that so totally focused on something else when you have a 3-year-old and 16-month-old in the house.

I decided that I was going to get a head start on one of my four 2012 resolutions this past week: I'm going to learn how to quilt.

Over a year ago, I bought one of those "How to Quilt" books at my favorite crafts store. With everything going on, I hadn't cracked it open in, well, probably at least 9 months. But, with the wonders of PBS's CreateTV, I rediscovered that, hey, I wanted to learn how to quilt sometime in my lifetime. As if I don't have ENOUGH going on.

So, I dug my quilting book out of storage (i.e. my basement--and I knew exactly where said book was) and started reading a couple weeks ago. And, last weekend, I felt confident enough that I went out and bought supplies for a small, potholder-sized quilt.

And, last Monday, I decided that the kids were behaving well enough that I could setup for a quick "let's-learn-to-quilt" session.

Got all my prep done with kids underfoot, decided to babygate the kitchen door so they could see me, I could see them, but they couldn't knock over a hot iron or get into my sewing machine.

At some point, I got so focused on whatever I was working on--and I had my back turned to the kitchen door. My daughter dragged a kid-sized chair to the door, unbeknownst to me.

And she let out the loudest, "Hey, Mom!" that she possibly could.

I just about hit the ceiling. And let out a scream of my own.

Which caused my daughter to start crying.

I climbed over the gate, and hugged her, reassuring her I wasn't mad--just that she really had scared mom.

I think after that, we both had a cookie. We both needed one.

Later that morning, I did finish my quilting project. It didn't turn out too bad, even if I nearly had a heart attack in the process.

Hopefully, my daughter doesn't attempt anything similar when I learn how to can next year. ;) Fabric is one thing, glass and high pressure are a whole 'nother thing.

Until next time,



Traci B said...

Pretty quilt - congrats on getting your toes into the pool. :)

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