Monday, July 25, 2011

The Meaning of Liberty

I don't, as a rule, do two posts for the blog chain in a month. And, technically, this isn't a part of the blog chain for July...

However, someone made a suggestion to me, and it was hard to resist.

You see, if you're new to Word Wanderings, my name is Liberty. It's kind of a strange name (although, I've learned my daughter's name is even less common. However, my name only gained significantly more popularity than hers after 2001.)

Upon learning of my name, I've gotten a variety of responses. As a young girl, I'd be called "Liberty Bell" or "Statue of Liberty" on the playground. I hated it, and still do to this day, although I will use both to illustrate how my name is spelled if someone's confused.

I also get questioned as to whether my parents were hippies (which is the funniest response I've ever received) and whether I was born on the 4th of July. Nope, I share a birthday with Elton John, Dannika Patrick, and Apollo 13 astronaut James Lovell. The last one, I'm happiest about.

Most people hear "Liberty" and think "Freedom" or "America" or "weirdo." (I may be making that last one up. That's only because they don't know how idiosyncratic I am!)

No, my name was given to me by my parents because of the Scripture verse 2 Corinthians 3:17, which says, in the New American Standard Bible: "Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty."

I always just thought it was a cool place for my name to come from. But, in recent days, I've been thinking about the verse some, especially in light of an online seminar I watched last week with Dave Ramsey about personal freedom and having an economic recovery. A lot of what he talked about wasn't just monetary, but spiritual as well.

Which goes back to my namesake verse.

There is an incredible freedom that comes from knowing Christ. That's what this verse talks about, that by knowing Christ, knowing His Spirit, you're free.

It's a different kind of freedom than one we normally celebrate every July 4th, or other days if you live in other regions of the world. It's one where we're free from the guilt of our past wrongdoings. We're free from burdens. The Spirit is there to take those from us, to make our paths as easy as possible. We're not guaranteed a life free from strife or trouble, but we can get through those trials easier when we have liberty in Christ.

I'm no theologian, and I don't pretend to be. But, this passage has become much more meaningful in recent weeks, especially as I observe the despondency in our country.

What kind of impact would be made on said despondency here and abroad if more of our people would turn to God instead of "almighty" government? What do you think that country and its citizens would look like?

Until next time,



chris vonada said...

thanks for sharing this Liberty, very cool!! I did not know that Bible verse, and have learned a lot about God's freedom this month from the blog chain. Always enjoy reading your posts here.

TraciB said...

Great post, Liberty! It's good to know your parents were thinking along biblical lines when they named you. :)

Nona King said...

Liberty~ thank you for sharing. :) Finding out the history and meanings for names is interesting, so I'm glad that you made it a part of this month's blog chain.

Victor Travison said...

That was most enlightening, Liberty. I'm sure that like the rest of us, you don't always feel you have liberty: rules of the house, rules in society, stresses in school, and now with two young children. Yet like us, you do have liberty in Christ.

I can't help but get first impressions from a person's name, but I've also learned (partly through my own real last name) to look past the apparent meaning, and see the person. And you are beautiful.

God bless you, my sister.

~ VT

From Carol's Quill said...

Thanks for doing this Liberty! I love the focus your parents took for your name. I pray that you will always live your name and be a light of Christ's liberty to others.

Kristina Seleshanko said...

Liberty, I LOVE your name :) But I didn't know your parents were thinking of the Bible verse; nice!

Liberty Speidel said...

Thank you, everyone!

For the first time about a year ago, I heard 2 Corinthians 3:17 from stage at my church. It was the oddest sensation, since I'd never heard it there before.

lynnmosher said...

Cool! That is so interesting that your name came from Scripture. Love that! I did have to giggle. It says there are 4 thoughtful comments. So I guess the others must be something else?! Great post! So glad I got to read it! Blessings!

Laura Noelle said...

Thanks for sharing your story, Liberty! I must say that is one of the coolest reasons/stories behind a name!

Terrie said...

I loved your story. I enjoy hearing the tales of how our parents named us. I have a big Amen to your premise- Our Liberty is based on God's unconditional love for us and the proof is Jesus. It's only our born again -brand new creation- that is in perfect unity and harmony with God's own spirit- it's the body and mind that have to get on board and be renewed by God's Word- the most powerful thing in the universe!

Blessings sister - I always enjoy your posts.

Liberty Speidel said...

Again, thank you, everyone! :)

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