Tuesday, August 05, 2014

New Feature and Longmire: Ashes to Ashes

Good morning!

I'm trying out a new idea this morning here on the blog which some of you may enjoy, and others of you may not. Here's the skinny: I've been in a blogging rut, and have been racking my brain trying to come up with some brilliant idea for months. Writing about writing is boring sometimes, and writing about my family...that can get a little too personal sometimes.

But here's the thing: I love stories. Always have. And I love stories in the short form, especially as TV shows. I'm pretty selective on the shows I watch. Most are mysteries or crime shows, a couple, sci-fi. I also like to occasionally flex my muscles learned in my Film Theory class in college.

So here's what I'm going to try for the next several months: doing posts on some of the shows I watch--what works, what doesn't, and some of the things I notice in the show. They may not always be the day after a show airs--I am a busy mom. Heck, I still have the last 3 or 4 episodes from the last season of Bones on my DVR! But I'll try for a couple posts a week on shows I watch. Nothing long, something you can read easily on your coffee break, other than this introductory post. I'll try also not to post too many spoilers. I know some of you watch the same shows I do--but on Netflix or some other service, and are a season or two behind!

Up first, the season finale on my summer favorite: Longmire.

My background with the show: I've been a fan since about midway through the 1st season, and I've read almost all of the books the show is based on. Craig Johnson, the author of the books, is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine. The fact that the books are set in Wyoming where I have some family is a bonus. I feel like I can picture them better in my head.

Walt Longmire after spreading his wife's ashes where
they said their wedding vows.
Photo from AETV.com

Last night's episode was the season finale, entitled "Ashes to Ashes". And as far as season finales go, it was amazing. It ran a little long, ending about 10 after the hour, but that was okay. I loved every minute of it.

For the past three seasons, Sheriff Walt Longmire has been trying to figure out who was behind the murder of his wife (which happened before the show started.) At the end of Season 2, his best friend, Henry Standing Bear, was accused and arrested for killing the man who killed Walt's wife. We all know Henry didn't do it, but who did? With a mystery like that, I've been engaged. This is something not in the books, so I had no answers. There have been clues all along the way, and something in last night's episode sparked a revelation that I won't divulge for those of you who haven't watched. I will just say I was on the edge of my seat. I was writing in the commercial breaks, but my own fictional world was no competition for Longmire. They'd better come back for a Season Four. How they left things and not knowing if one of the characters has been shot--or even which character--was nearly heart-stopping!

If you don't watch Longmire for ANYTHING else, you should watch it sheerly for the cinematography. Nearly every episode is absolutely beautifully shot. Granted, they have a great place to shoot the show, somewhere in New Mexico. But I'm constantly amazed at what they can do with camera angles, lighting, and just a bit of music--plus a great cast. This show, if it hasn't already, NEEDS to be winning some awards for cinematography. If you can watch last night's episode, even for just five or ten minutes, take the time. I'm especially struck by the opening scenes. The actors playing Walt Longmire and his now-former deputy Branch Connally don't speak, but it tells a wonderful story. Another scene where the actor doesn't speak, and yet his character speaks volumes, involves Henry Standing Bear. But that would possibly give some spoilers, as it comes near the end.

As for the whole story, there are a lot of holes left open. Several are closed, but new ones open. I can't wait for Season Four, and desperately wish that A&E would take this show out of just being a summer show and bring it full-time.


I don't know precisely when I'll be doing another of these posts, or for which show. My shows are typically: Bones, NCIS, NCIS: LA, Elementary, Castle, and Agents of Shield. I adored Almost Human last year, and keep hoping FOX will bring it back. (Please, FOX, please bring it back!!) Any of these are fair game for a post, although Castle already has a good post mortem done on it, but from the police procedure aspect, over at LeeLofland.com. 

Until next time...


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Joseph Ormerod said...

Also a big fan of both "Longmire" and the books by Craig Johnson. Met him on a book tour in Cincinnati... If you get the chance, go!!! What a down to earth, wonderful guy! Loved your blog and look forward to reading more.

Stuart Nicholson said...

Great piece on Longmire. Watching it in Australia. So proud that an Aussie is the lead actor. Can't imagine anyone else as Walt. Has to be another season. Great ending. Just about to read the first book. Would love to go to Longmire days in Buffalo. Bit far from Perth :)

Liberty Speidel said...

@Joseph, I haven't met him, but have been "friends" with him on Facebook for a while. My husband has family about 2 hours from where he lives, and we drove within about 20 miles of Ucross back in April. Oh how I wanted to get off the interstate and see if I could bump into him! :) Thanks for stopping by!

@Stuart, Welcome from the other Oz--Kansas! :) Yeah, I can't imagine another actor playing Walt, either. He's perfect for the role. The books are great. I've read all but the last two--been a bit busy this last year! I want to try to go to Longmire Days in Buffalo next year. This year, I was in the other side of the country on a trip with my family which couldn't be avoided or moved. Thanks for stopping in!

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