Monday, April 02, 2012

A Punch In the Gut

Everyone needs a punch in the gut once in a while. Whether it's physical or mental, something that brings you back to reality is never a bad thing.

I got my own slap in the face last week. I was lamenting (okay, I was whining) to a writer friend that even though I'd "improved" my query, and done some tweaking to my first pages of my novel, that I was still only getting form rejections to the agents I was sending to.

She offered to take a look at my query (both old and newly revised) as well as my first five pages.

Now, this writer friend is kinda like my Texas momma, and I've told her so on several occasions. We laugh and joke, and I know without a doubt that if we ever have the chance to meet, after the initial awkwardness, we'd have the same relationship offline as we do on.

So when the first line of her reply was, "Get out the rifle, you're gonna wanna shoot me", my heart sank.

What do you mean my story isn't ready yet? Really? I've been querying and making a fool of myself--again?

Basically, in all my editing, I've managed to leave some B.I.G. beginner errors in my novel... which is probably why I'm not getting any nibbles.

Seeing as my TX Momma is published, and works as an editorial assist to a small press AND her lit agent, I'm inclined to take her advice.

So, here's to hunkering down--again--and doing another MAJOR pass on "Homebody"... and hopefully, I'll get it right this time.

Until next time,



Linda Yezak said...

Ouch. Getting slapped into reality hurts. I'm surprised you didn't jump a plane to Texas, so you could smack that mean ol' mama! :D

I doubt there'd be any awkward moments if you two ever met--unless you think hugging is awkward. :)

Liberty Speidel said...

Nope! I'm a hugger. Once I get comfortable, at least. The awkwardness has to wear off first, then I'm fine.

K.M. Weiland said...

That TX Momma knows her stuff! We're both lucky to have her. Still, that kind of news is never the sort to make your day. Hang in there! You'll get it right yet!

Tracy Krauss said...

There's nothing like some honest criticism to sharpen things up. Good luck in the next round.

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