Wednesday, January 04, 2012

It's the New Year! Will You Join Me...?

Monday has come and gone... and Monday morning, I had NO clue what to write about. Today, I think I do.

I've decided I'm going to do whatever I can to read through the Bible in a year or less. (So far, the "less" part seems probable.) Using my handy-dandy Bible app from, I've selected a Bible-reading plan, in my case, the Chronological version.

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I've been using YouVersion for a while on my Android smartphone. Instead of taking my Bible with me to church, I've been using this handy (and free!) app. I can switch versions at will (a good thing when our pastor switches from NIV to NLT to ESV in the span of five minutes.) And, I can get a daily reminder to read my Bible that day.

The year is still new. Will you join me and commit to reading the Bible in a year? I've never done this before, and could use the support, encouragement, and accountability. You can join me at YouVersion--I'm user Righter1.

Have you ever tried to read the Bible through in a year--or less? Were you successful? Do you have any tips to stay firm on your commitment?

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Giles Hash said...

I applaud your goal! Personally (and this is just the way I work), I can't get through the Bible in a year if I'm going to actually learn something. I know many people try to read a passage a day, a chapter a day, or, like you, try to get through the entire Bible in a year. But often enough, I'll hit a spot in my daily devotions that makes me stop. I need to mull it over, pray about, and meditate throughout the day.

Good luck, and I hope you'll keep us updated on your progress :D

Liberty Speidel said...

Giles, I can understand that! Frequently, when I do remember to read, I read something that makes a lightbulb go off in my head. I'll mark it, and sometimes, it'll stay in my head for a while.

I've just never read through the entire Bible. Last time I tried, I failed miserably. And, I think one time, I managed to make it into I or II Kings.

In the fall, I did Hebrews Part 1 by Kay Arthur, and it really got me into a variety of books of the Bible--and I saw a lot of stuff I'd never seen before, so it's kind of got me motivated. :)

I will be trying to keep everyone posted on my progress. :) I'm going to try to find a widget where I can have it post in my blog where I'm at--accountability, ya know?! :)

Tracy Krauss said...

I do this periodically (read through the bible in a year ...) - probably about six or seven times now. Last year I used 'The Chronological Bible' which I really enjoyed. It has everything put together in chronological order, so, for instance, you are reading David's psalms while also reading about his life in Samuel etc. I really enjoyed it.

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