Monday, December 26, 2011

Gifts of the Heart

Merry Christmas, a day late! Or, as our friends across the pond may say today, Happy Boxing Day!

I hope you've had a most blessed Christmas... and managed not to kill any of your family. ;) Or is it just me that struggles with those feelings sometimes? (tee hee hee, just kidding!)

Today is my regularly scheduled post for the blog chain, and to be honest, the topic (Gifts of the Heart) kind of has me stumped. But, I shall charge on!

When I read the topic (admittedly, about 5 minutes before I started writing this post), I thought, huh.

So, rather than do a traditional post, I think I'll leave you with a few pictures of some of the things that warm my heart. I hope you'll find them as endearing as I do.

Obviously, these are my kids... and my dog. :) I'd put TMOTH's picture up, but I'm not sure if he'd be okay with it. 
So, my family is my gift of the heart... I hope you can say the same for yours!

In a little sidenote, I want to give a brief update on our son's health. Last week, we thought everything was going well, and then we went in to see his dermatologist, who, on a whim, ordered some blood work. Our guy has been sick most of the time since Thanksgiving, and when they ran his hemoglobin, it was 6.3. Normal is between 12 and 18, so he's exceptionally anemic right now. We have his blood retested tomorrow, and his hematologist (blood doctor) is watching this closely. We've managed to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas without being admitted--and seeing as those were both spent at the hospital in 2010, this is a great thing. Hopefully, we'll make it through the remainder of 2011 without being admitted again! (Now, if we can make it through cold and flu season...) 

If everything is okay, I guess you'll hear from me next in 2012... wow, can it really nearly be 2012? It barely seems like I was getting a handle on 2011! If for some reason things aren't as good as we hoped, I'll try to post a short update on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

(But I'm hoping it'll be 2012 before you hear from me again!)

Happy New Year!

Until next time,



Christine Henderson said...

As I've been up early writing, I thought I'd check the blog chain and was happy to see you had posted for the day. Love the pictures of the kids and dog cuddled up in the warmth of the blankets and your love. Reminds me I need to put on the heater.

We will keep your son in our prayers for improved health and vitality for many more joyful pictures.

Keith Wallis said...

Hope the news on the 'blood' front improves. Nothing like a child's ill health to put the damper on things.

E. G. Lewis said...

Liberty: Where did your little girl get that curly blond hair?? She's adorable. She's also a spitting image of our oldest daughter at that age. I've followed your ups and downs with your son on Facebook and wish you the best when the tests come back.
Peace and Blessings

Mike said...


I hope your son recovers quickly

From Carols Quill said...

Thank you for the delightful photos. They were a true gift to my heart!

Heavenly Father, please surround Liberty's family and give them strength, encouragement and good health. Amen.

Thank you, Liberty for sharing your heart with us.

Liberty Speidel said...

@Christine, my dog has become severely cute the last few months... he's 6 months older than my daughter, and I think he thinks he's starved for attention! :)

@Keith, this is going to be a long-term deal... I really hate it, but that's the way it is...

@E.G., we're not 100% sure... the blonde is definitely not from anyone in our families since most everyone is brunette like me (my hubby's hair is only a shade or two darker than mine!) The curls, we're pretty sure they come from her paternal grandmother. But, they're starting to straighten out some. I have to be very intentional about getting the curls since her hair has gotten so long.

@Mike & Carol, thanks. :)

lynnmosher said...

Great pics, Liberty! So adorable! Praying for your little man. May the New Year be filled with health for all!

Terrie said...

Liberty thank you for your gift-our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. The Lord will prevail in all life's up's and downs. He is our constant source of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. I believe health is part of the atonement-so I believe the Lord will restore your son's health based on our faith and not on our actions. The knowledge of his goodness encourages our hearts. Don't stop believing in miracles. Big Hugs to you sweet sister!

Cindee Snider Re said...

Sweet pictures of a beautiful family, Liberty! May God continue to hold you all in the palm of His Hand, strengthening your hearts and healing your son.

Deborah K. Anderson said...

Your pictures said a mouthful about gifts of the heart. How true! :-) Praying that God heal your son.

Tracy Krauss said...

I'm behind in reading all the CW posts since I was doing what i was supposed to be doing - spending time with family. :) Love the peek into your life and will continue to pray for your family

Christianfictionaddiction said...

Great pictures. They are beautiful.

Merry Christmas.

Jeremy H.

Scott Fields said...

Christmas is a reminder (for us, at least) that children are a gift from God's heart. And why not? It's the time we celebrate Jesus arriving among us as a child himself--to bring love, joy, and yes, healing. We'll be praying he brings each of these to your son, and soon.

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