Monday, April 04, 2011

April is for Easter

Hello, lovely readers!

I know many of my readers are from, but many aren't. As such, I wanted to draw your attention to this month's blog chain. I won't be participating this month--hey, I've got a lot on my plate, more than I can handle--but I don't want my readers to miss out.

The topic this month is Easter, and I know everyone involved in this month's chain won't disappoint. I urge you to check out as many of these posts as you can as they pop up through the month. And, be sure to check my side-bar for last minute changes and updates.

The schedule--as of April 1-- is as follows:

As for me, April seems to be a regrouping month. This week, we're expecting my son's diagnosis, so once we know for sure (hopefully!) what's going on, I should be able to figure out, at least for the short term, what my schedule is likely to be like. Which means I may be able to fit in some writing time. I desperately need to start writing daily again. My brain feels like it's filled with kid's movies, medications, and medical research, when I'd rather it be filled with agent searches, plots, and characters. (Well, how about all 6 items.)

Please go check out the blog chain and chime in at my friends' blogs. I'll try to be back next week with either an update on my son or a blog on writing.

Until next time,


K.M. Weiland said...

I hope you're able to find that time to write soon. I know you've been missing it a lot, especially in the midst of all the stress you've been going through this last year. Nothing like a little writing to make you feel better!

Liberty Speidel said...

Thanks, Katie! I'm thinking I just need to start writing something from start to finish, no matter what it is! And, do it regularly. The regular part is the key. ;) Even if it's 3 or 4 times a week, it'd be better than my current schedule, which is nil.

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