Monday, February 14, 2011

Love, True Love

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Ah... Valentine's Day. The day we celebrate romance.

Who doesn't love a good romance? The warm-fuzzy feelings, the tender looks, knowing that one special person adores you.

This month for the blog chain, the topic is--you guessed it!--Love.

I've only been in one romantic relationship in my life. I married him. But, I've been "in love" many times. Growing up, I had crushes on male friends, convinced there would never be anyone else I could ever possibly love. Even a month before my now-husband asked me to marry him, someone asked me about my future college plans and my boyfriend (I was preparing to graduate from community college and looking to go to a state university that fall.) I said I'd try to keep up a long-distance relationship. They asked about another guy whom I still had a crush on. I said if that person was interested in pursuing a relationship, I had no qualms about dating both of them.

Then I got engaged, and I didn't pursue my four year degree.

Sometimes, I still wonder how my life would have been different if I'd waited to get my four-year degree. Would I still have married my husband? Would that other guy have approached me? I don't regret the decisions I made... but I wonder.

While I love my husband and our children, there's Someone I love more, and He loves me more than my husband and children ever could. His love is perfect. He doesn't care if I slip up sometimes and do something like forget to tell TMOTH about something I broke during the day that he discovers when he gets home. Jesus cares when I'm having a bad day, a good day, or a somewhere-in-between day.

He's the greatest Lover of all. He knows me and my strengths and weaknesses better than I know them myself. I love that about Him. He knows and understands how much I try, and sometimes feel like a failure no matter what I attempt. I love that, too. He doesn't care when I can't put two sentences together in a logical manner--or two words. When I have no words, I can go to Him and He understands, even if I don't quite yet.

God is awesome like that.

On this Valentine's Day, while you're telling those around you how much you love them, why don't you take a few minutes to tell God how much you love Him and let Him tell you how much He loves you.

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Linda Yezak said...

"Someone you love more" than your husband and kids is the same One who gives you the ability to love your husband and kids! Don't we have a wonderful God?!

Terrific post, Liberty!

Sheila said...

How often we forget to tell God we love him! Thanks for the reminder. And we also need to remember that God led us to where we are to reflect his love to those around us!

Adam Collings said...

I also like the quote that Linda mentioned from your article.

Jesus is the ultimate role-model for love.

The American culture of 'going away' to college must really complicate life. I am very blessed that there is a university just a 5 minute drive down the road which my wife was able to attend when she decided to pursue a nursing career, and I also attended a few years back.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Liberty Speidel said...

Thanks for stopping in, everyone! I do like to share about my husband, when the topic allows. :)

Nona King said...

"He's the greatest Lover of all."
Amen and amen!

Hosted BES said...

God is there in all of us. He is there deep within us. So just say I love you to yourself and see what huge difference it will bring to your life. Love yourself and the entire creation of God and He himself will love you.

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