Monday, September 27, 2010

Cast Your Novel!

With the fact that one of my favorite book series' is finally being made into a movie (the Plum novels by Janet Evanovich), and everyone's been cast, I thought we'd discuss who we'd cast to play our main characters in our novels (published or unpublished) if they were made into a movie. I know this can be controversial if you're a well known author (they picked who to play XYZ character from that book? That's completely wrong! I didn't picture them like that!)

But, this is just for fun. I'll start off, then everyone can join in. Please share the name of your book (if you desire--this isn't required), the name (first only) of the character you're casting, and the person you'd like to play them. You can choose as many characters from as many of your books as you want.

And, if you want, for fun, you can cast the lead character of one of your favorite books. :) Have fun with this!

For Homebody, I'm going to cast Amanda and Rick, my lead characters. I actually haven't given much thought to my other projects, so for now, I'll just post for Homebody.

For Amanda, I picture her as Anne Hathaway. Ms. Hathaway has a down to earth appearance, though quite beautiful, and from what I've seen of her acting, could pull off the range of emotions I've put Amanda through in Homebody. 

Photo of Ms. Hathaway from:

Rick is a bit of a different casting choice. This actor struck me as the perfect Rick the moment I saw him. No way around it, he'd be the perfect choice, and probably the only one I'd allow if I had a hand in the casting of my book. The actor is Jeffrey Donovan. While he currently stars in Burn Notice, which is a primarily an action series, I've spotted him in other roles since I started watching the show (Hitch, for instance, with Will Smith). I think he would have the versatility as an actor to portray Rick who, while he's not the most macho of men, has his moments in my book.

Photo of Mr. Donovan was procured from:

An aside, I also think that if Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series were cast, Mr. Donovan would make an awesome Mitch Rapp. He's shown an aptitude for action, so pulling off that role should be no sweat for him.

Okay, now it's your turn! 

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Liss said...

I don't seem to 'see' my pov/protagonist character Amanda Wheeler in my in progress/unpublished novel Unraveled. Maybe because I'm seeing this through her eyes. Her husband Mike is, in my mind, played by Christian Kane (aka Eliot on Leverage). His brother David (who has been a character in this novel since its initial sparks) used to be played by Brad Pitt but Pitt's looking a bit too raggy lately so he's sorta been recast with Matthew McCaughney(sp??) who not only looks the part these days but also has the charisma factor that character needs.

My big 'complaint' in the - they cast HIM as who? category is the actor playing Thomas Lynley in the bbc/pbs inspector lynley is so NOT Tommy Lynley (in my mind) it's not funny. Likewise there are many moments where Havers is decidedly NOT the Havers of the book. Meanwhile the actor they have as Winston Nkata is dead on.

Milisa Henderson

Liberty Speidel said...

Thanks for chiming in, Milisa! :) Kinda strange that the MC in both our projects is named Amanda. ;p

I've never heard of Christian Kane (though maybe I've seen him.) It'll be interesting to look up pictures of everyone's comments on!

Tracy Krauss said...

This is a great idea! I won't bore you with actually casting any of my novels NOW, but it might be fun for a post of my own later. Thanks for the idea!

Holly Heisey said...

I love your casting choices, Liberty! :D

In my space fantasy Kynaston:

Shia LeBeouf as my main character David, a slave who turns emperor.

Eve Myles my second main Talina, Head Engineer of a battle cruiser.

Ian McShane Doran, my villain, the powerful head of enemy intelligence who also happens to be Talina's father.

Not perfect, but that'd be my current cast. :) Fun!

K.M. Weiland said...

Fun! Casting characters is one of my guilty pleasures. For my fantasy Dreamers: Chris Pine as the hero (who's also named Chris ;)), Kate Beckinsale as the heroine, and Hugh Jackman as the charming villain.

For my WIP The Deepest Breath: Keri Russell as the heroine, Christian Bale as her husband, and Leonardo DiCaprio as her best friend-turned-bad.

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